Welcome LUGGit

Co-founded by Ricardo Figueiredo, Diogo Correia and Hugo Fonseca in 2019, LUGGit is a company from Aveiro with the goal of removing luggage from the travel equation.

GED Ventures Portugal and Caixa Capital invest in LUGGit, the Portuguese startup that has developed a solution, considered by the Tourism Organization as one of the most innovative ideas in the sector, which collects, stores, and delivers luggage at the time and place desired by its users.

The investment by GED Ventures Portugal, through the GED Tech Seed Fund, will allow LUGGit to accelerate its technological development and strengthen its strategic positioning.

Company: LUGGit 
Location: Aveiro, Portugal
Sector: LogisticsTech
Founders: Ricardo Figueiredo, Diogo Correia e Hugo Fonseca
Website: luggit.app

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