ESG-friendly ethos, present since the Foundation of GED. This principle in every moment of the GED Funds’ life cycle

Adequate implementation and monitoring of environmental, social and governance metrics, promoting the creation of sustainable value and a legacy that will last in society, even after the exit of the funds


Analysis in sectors aligned with the promotion of value with sustainability.

Rigorous and cross-sectional Due Diligence to established ESG practices.

Investment Memorandum to fulfill the ESG–friendly ethos purpose.


100-day plan including ESG sustainability metrics for portfolio companies.

Monitoring and evaluation of ESG metrics and strategic planning.

Monitoring and evaluation meetings.

Annual ESG Reporting & Definition of goals and challenges to be achieved in future years.


Cross-board support to portfolio companies, seeking to guarantee the perpetuation of the best management practices.

ESG monitoring, Reporting and legacy at the management level.

Management systems, ESG tools, template definition and training.

Pursuing the Group's ESG-friendly ethos, the GED Tech Seed and GED Tech Growth Funds reinforce the commitment to investing with purpose.

Invests in global leaders aligned and committed to these values and technologies capable of transforming the world, promoting sustainability across the board, and leaving a viable and promising legacy for future generations.

GED has been a signatory since 2016