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21 de March de 2023

Welcome AssetFloow


Co-founded by Ricardo Santos and Katya Ivanova in 2021, AssetFloow is an AI-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startup from Lisbon, that helps retailers to understand the behavior of their clients through their movement inside the store, without the use of cameras or sensors. Powered by the development of a high-precision behavioral AI algorithm, which only uses receipt and product location data as inputs, AssetFloow allows retailers to significantly increase operational efficiency by improving their decision-making in areas such as product assortment, new product suggestions and strategic promotions.

With an investment of EUR 1.5m in one of the most promising AI-based retail tech startups, GED Ventures Portugal strengthens the GED Tech Seed Fund portfolio.

Company: AssetFloow 
Location: Lisboa, Portugal 
Sector: RetailTech 
Founders: Katya Ivanova e Ricardo Santos 
Website: assetfloow.com


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