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5 de April de 2024

Welcome CryoTherapeutics

Led by John Yianni, CryoTherapeutics is a HealthTech start-up based in Belgium that has developed a unique and innovative prototype designed to provide intracoronary cryotherapy treatment in interventional cardiology for patients with high-risk plaque lesions suffering from Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). Cryotherapy is expected to reduce the inflammatory process and stabilise the vulnerable plaque, with the aim of preventing its rupture and avoiding potential MACE (major adverse cardiovascular events).

This round of investment in which GED Ventures, through the GED Tech Growth Fund, is participating, will allow the company to consolidate the technology.

Company: CryoTherapeutics 
Location: Awans, Bélgica
Sector: Health Tech 
Founders: John Yianni
Website: cryotherapeutics.com