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18 de November de 2023

Welcome Unbabel

Founded by Vasco Pedro in 2013, Unbabel is an AI startup based in Lisbon, that specializes in providing translation and language localization services using a unique combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and human translators. By combining the speed of machine translation, facilitated by AI, technology with human expertise and quality of translation, the company provides businesses with a scalable, efficient, and high-quality translation service for a wide range of use cases, ultimately helping them communicate effectively with their global audiences.

By investing in cutting-edge technology developed in Portugal, GED Ventures Portugal reaffirms its commitment to supporting innovation that can reach a global market and provide top-notch solutions to the world’s largest companies.

Company: Unbabel 
Location: Lisboa, Portugal 
Sector: Translations/ AI 
Founders: Vasco Pedro
Website: unbabel.com 


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