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5 de December de 2023

Welcome Medyria, Kushki e Troop

We are excited to announce three new investments made by the GED Tech Growth fund: Medyria – Heath tech Switzerland, with an innovative prototype for early detection of coronary heart disease; Kushki – FinTech from Ecuador, the first company to achieve Unicorn status in Ecuador; and Troop – AI-driven, which allows you to organize face-to-face meetings in an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective way.


Medyria is a Swiss Health Tech company founded by Mauro Sette. They have developed a unique and innovative prototype that significantly increases the effectiveness of tests for detecting coronary artery diseases (CAD). These diseases are either obstructive, associated with stenosis of the arteries, or non-obstructive, associated with the lack of oxygen in the heart.

The company’s mission is to improve the diagnosis and quality of life of people suffering from CAD, who are often misdiagnosed.


AronSchwarzkopf, David Mattos, Madeleine Clavijo Verje and Sebastián CastroGalnares are the founders of Kushki, a company based in Quito, Ecuador. Kushkidevelops modern, efficient, and secure payment solutions that help businessesaccelerate their development and expand into new markets. The company promotestrust and adheres to the best international practices.

Kushki operates in South America and the United States, and it is the first unicorn in Ecuador. The company aims to be a leader in its segment in Latin America.


Troop is a company founded by Dennis Vilovic and based in Madrid, Spain. The company has developed a cloud-based platform for meeting and group travel planning, which is specifically designed for companies that need to plan multiple small, medium, and large-scale meetings.

Troop’s platform helps clients to manage face-to-face meetings efficiently, sustainably, and cost-effectively. The company currently operates in the US, Spain, South Africa, and the UK.


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