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16 de May de 2023

Welcome Graphenest

Co-founded by Vitor Abrantes, Bruno Figueiredo and Rui Silva in 2015, Graphenest is a company from Sever do Vouga that aims to be a leading industrial manufacturer of sustainable graphene-based materials, creating high-value solutions for industrial companies and contributing to drive the next generation of products.

Graphenest has developed an innovative process for creating the most sustainable and cost-effective graphene, called NanoSonic, which has significant advantages compared to other conventional solutions or production processes.

With an investment of €1.4 million, in a funding round that, in total, raised €1.8 million, accompanied by Portugal Ventures, in one of the most promising Portuguese Clean Tech startups, GED Ventures Portugal, through the GED Tech Seed Fund, reinforces its commitment to invest in technology with purpose.

Company: Graphenest 
Location: Aveiro, Portugal 
Sector: CleanTech 
Founders: Vitor Abrantes, Bruno Figueiredo e Rui Silva
Website: graphenest.com


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