Why GED?

GED is an international financial group with a sustained proposal based on an ESG-friendly ethos. GED’s team is cohesive and specialized in Private Equity, Infrastructure, and Venture Capital


Years of experience

Privately-held financial group founded in 1996 by Venture Capital & Private Equity professionals
0 M+

Assets Under Management

12 active funds across Private Equity, Infrastructure, and Venture Capital

0 +

Specialized professionals

Stable investment team with an average of 20+ years of relevant experience

ESG-friendly ethos

Implementation and proper monitoring of metrics promoting the creation of sustainable value and a legacy that will last in society, even after the funds exit

2x Average Return

Robust and sustained average return considering liquidated funds

Scalability of Investments

International projection, with an active presence in Europe, the USA and South America, with an effective capacity to boost and scale investments

Why Portugal?

Vibrant, Dynamic and Tech ecosystems


Highly trained human resources with a dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit. Engineering expertise and high level of English proficiency

Tech DNA

National ecosystem with a robust tech positioning internationally recognized


Structural and Governmental programs to support R&D investments in Portugal


Diverse range of startups. Increasingly tech-oriented and with a relevant dimension for a proof of concept. In the last 2 years, 50 startups have raised €1.2B

6+ Unicorns

One of the highest ratios of unicorns per capita in the world. Portugal is amongst the 10 most productive countries in the science field

GED Ventures

In Ventures, GED invests in global leaders, and disruptive technologies based on robust R&D projects capable to change the world and promote a promising legacy to the next generations

First liquidated fund with a return for investors of 2.5x and an IRR of 20%

#12 000 Opportunities analyzed
#13 Investments made #2 Unicorns
#Target 4-5x

Portfólio Ventures

Why GED Tech Growth Fund?

Investment in technology with purpose in scalable and capital-efficient business models based on proven technologies with high growth potential

Fund size (Target): €100M
Forecast of 15 to 25 investments / Decision ratio 1:170
Current pipeline already with 600+ opportunities in portfolio

Fund duration: 8 years 
5 Investment + 3 Divestment
Minimum subscription €50 000 and unit value UP is €1 000

Profitability target: 3x
Given GED’s solid and sustained track record of returns over the last 26 years in Venture Capital Venture

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