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24 de September de 2023

GED Tech Seed Fund – FINAL CALL

The subscription period for the GED Tech Seed Fund (Sifide Compliant) ends on December 31st.

With an investment model with a proven, consolidated and robust history, GED seeks to replicate its successful history in the GED Tech Seed fund, leveraging differentiated and unique predicates in Portugal, namely: stable international team, with Know-how em>transversal and ability to anticipate, manage and act in different phases of economic cycles; international dimension, with an active network present in Europe, Latin America and the United States, allowing an effective projection capacity for invested companies.

The GED Tech Seed Fund invests in scalable, capital-efficient business models with high growth potential and reinforces the commitment to investing with purpose – #Tech4Purpose – i.e. in technologies capable of transforming the world, promoting sustainability across the board and leaving a viable legacy and promising for future generations and in scalable, capital-efficient business models with high growth potential.

This Fund is part of the System of Tax Incentives for Business R&D (“SIFIDE”) which aims to stimulate and enhance investment in Research and Development in Portugal.
For more information about the Fund, click here.


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