Welcome DeepNeuronic

Founded by Vasco Lopes and Bruno Degardin in 2021, DeepNeuronic, based in Covilhã, is a Portuguese start-up focused on applying artificial intelligence to detect abnormal and threatening activities in real time through CCTV cameras. Through the development of deep neural networks applied to computer vision, DeepNeuronic contributes to smarter cities with a focus on security surveillance for public safety and security purposes.

With an investment of 1.5 million euros in one of the most promising Portuguese artificial intelligence startups, GED Ventures Portugal reinforces its commitment to invest in technology with purpose.

Empresa: DeepNeuronic 
Localização: Covilhã, Portugal 
Sector: SurveillanceTech 
Fundadores: Vasco Lopes e Bruno Degardin 
Website: deepneuronic.com

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