Venture Capital – Why now

Investors have been asking GED Ventures about perspectives for Venture Capital during times of geopolitical uncertainty. Data shows that the most disruptive ideas come precisely when even international affairs experts cannot surely predict what’s coming next.

European Venture Capital funding keeps growing, and 2021 has shown unprecedented records.

Despite the world’s political stage, our fundraising activity is very positive, our Partners keep listening to inspiring pitches of entrepreneurial ideas aiming at improving human lives and Earth’s sustainability. Hence our trust in the VC industry and in our tech-focused investment strategy in Health, Food, Retail, Legal, Clean, and Bio.

Quoting Forbes Contributor, Kjartan Rist “And while, in today’s interconnected global economy, practically all geopolitical issues will have a bearing on market performance, VCs and startups are accustomed to taking these challenges in their stride. Founders have already had to prove their resilience many times over to cope with the mass disruption caused by Covid-19.”

GED is actively present in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, providing its investees with legal, human and commercial support, promoting and enhancing international expansion. These companies get the total support of the management team to syndicate future rounds of financing within those geographies.

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