A natural step for GED, a new approach to Venture Capital in Portugal

On its 25th anniversary, GED marked another milestone in its sustainable path of success, with the constitution and registration with the CMVM, on the 9th of July, of GED Ventures Portugal – Sociedade Capital de Risco.

The spectacular development of the Portuguese ecosystem, the vibrant Tech context, and the robust knowledge of the market, motivated GED to set up a management entity in Portugal dedicated to Venture Capital, reinforcing its Iberian positioning

This is a natural step for GED, enabling it to enhance its robust knowledge of the market, as a result of several transactions already carried out in Portugal, which allow it to build a privileged network of partners, namely in the business sector, private investors , research centers and academia.

GED Ventures Portugal will print a new approach to Venture Capital in Portugal, based on 4 key assumptions:

  1. Adequate implementation and monitoring of environmental, social and governance metrics, promoting the creation of sustainable value and a legacy that will last in society, even after the exit of the funds;
  2. Proprietary investment model, based on a human and technological mix that allows speed & quality, with proven and sustained profitability history;
  3. Active management enhancing growth and accomplishment of established metrics;
  4. Boost the scale-up and internationalization of investments, benefiting from its international projection with a presence in Europe, USA and South America.

Pursuing the group's ESG-friendly ethos purpose, the GED Tech Seed Fund reinforces the commitment of investing with purpose - #Tech4Purpose, in global leaders aligned and committed to these values, and in technologies capable of transforming the world, promoting sustainability across the board and leaving a viable and promising legacy for generations to come.